Where Do Millipedes Live and Where Do Millipedes Come From?

Most Millipedes live in the tropics, usually in damp places: in the soil or rotting wood; in clumps of moss; under rocks, logs, or fallen leaves; or in other protected sites. Many different kinds of millipedes occur in America north of Mexico. As with the centipedes, most millipedes live in the tropics, but about 100 […]

Why Do Some Mites Occupy Both Ears of a Moth?

Some mites occupy both of a moth’s ears because they live only in the outer part of the ear and do not deafen it by destroying its sensory structures. Sometimes these mites occupy only one of the moth’s ears, often because only one mite boarded the moth.

How Dangerous Are Scorpion Stings To Humans?

All scorpions are venomous and sting with a bulbous, thorn-like structure at the end of the tail (abdomen). But the toxicity of the venom to humans varies with the species of scorpion. The sting of most scorpions is painful and causes swelling and discoloration at the site of the sting but is not dangerous. A […]

Which North American Spiders Are Most Likely To Bite People and Why?

Normally the black widow and the brown recluse commonly bite people. The black widow occurs in southern Canada and every state of the continental United States except Alaska. The brown recluse occurs in the central region of the United States from Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa south to the Gulf states, and also in Arizona and […]

Where Do Centipedes Live and Are Centipedes Ever Found In Our Homes?

Centipedes that normally live outdoors occasionally wander into houses or, more often, are brought in with wood for the fireplace. But one species, the house centipede, is a regular occupant of homes and other buildings. It prefers damp areas and most often lives in cellars, bathrooms, or closets, where it is sometimes seen running about […]

What Is a Tick and Where Do Ticks Come From?

We often speak of ticks and mites as if they were two separate groups of arachnids, but ticks are really nothing more than very large, blood-sucking mites that take their meals from reptiles, birds, or mammals. In North America, there are only two families of ticks: the hard ticks, which have the body more or […]

Which Mites Live In the Ears of Moths?

Several species of mites live in no other place than the ears of adult moths of the family Noctuidae, a family that has no generally applicable common name but includes, among others, such well-known species as the armyworms and cutworms. One of the mites in question infests only one of the moth’s two ears, but […]