How Do Scorpions Mate and Reproduce?

The male scorpion, smaller than the female, grasps his mate’s pincers with his pincers and leads her in a mating dance, the promenade a deux, that may last as much as an hour. The promenading couple eventually comes to a suitable hard surface where fertilization can take place. Scorpions, unlike spiders and almost all insects, […]

Which Mites Live In the Ears of Moths?

Several species of mites live in no other place than the ears of adult moths of the family Noctuidae, a family that has no generally applicable common name but includes, among others, such well-known species as the armyworms and cutworms. One of the mites in question infests only one of the moth’s two ears, but […]

What Is Tsutsugamushi Disease and How Is Japanese River Fever Transmitted?

This debilitating and sometimes deadly disease, also known as scrub typhus or Japanese river fever, is caused by a microorganism, a Rickettsia. The microorganism is transmitted from rodents to humans by a chigger known as the akamushi, which means “dangerous bug” in Japanese. During the Asian and Pacific campaigns of World War II, tsutsugamushi was […]

What Is a Wolf Spider and Where Do Wolf Spiders Come From?

Wolf spiders are hunters that search for their prey rather than waiting for the prey to come to them. They are loners, never running in packs like their namesakes. These large, long-legged spiders hunt in daylight, using their vision to spot prey. Their eight eyes, very keen at perceiving movement, are arranged so that the […]

Are Millipedes Good and Caring Parents?

Most millipedes are not good and caring parents. They just drop their eggs on the ground and abandon them. But some of them spin a protective silken cocoon around their egg mass or dig an underground chamber in which they hide their eggs. A few species of millipedes are attentive parents that care for their […]

How Big Is the Biggest Spider In the World?

The biggest spider in the world is big enough to cover a dinner plate. The largest known spiders are the Goliath bird-eating spiders of the coastal rain forests of northeastern South America. The largest one known, a male collected by a scientific expedition in Venezuela, had, according to the Guinness Book of Records, a leg […]

What Is a Mite and How Do You Recognize a Mite?

The mites are the tiniest of the arachnids. For that matter, they are among the tiniest of all the animals. If you look at a mite under magnification, you will see that, generally speaking, its body consists of two discernible parts: a small head-like structure, which bears the mouthparts and the feeler-like pedipalps, and the […]