What Is a Web Casting Spider and How Do They Catch Their Prey?

Web Casting Spiders are nocturnal spiders catch insects much as a fisherman catches fish with a cast net. They spin a web so small that they can pick it up and hold it with their four front legs. A hunting web-caster hangs upside down from its hind legs, the elastic net small and in its […]

What Is a Tick and Where Do Ticks Come From?

We often speak of ticks and mites as if they were two separate groups of arachnids, but ticks are really nothing more than very large, blood-sucking mites that take their meals from reptiles, birds, or mammals. In North America, there are only two families of ticks: the hard ticks, which have the body more or […]

What Are Trapdoor Spiders and How Do Trapdoor Spiders Catch Their Prey?

These nocturnal ambushers spend their whole life in a silk-lined burrow in the ground that is covered by a hinged trapdoor made of silk. There they are fairly safe from their own predators but can rush out to seize such insects as grasshoppers, beetles, or ants that pass nearby. Some trapdoor spiders are alerted to […]

What Do Scorpions Eat and Why Do Scorpions Eat So Much Food?

All scorpions are predators, and between them they eat an astonishing variety of small animals, most often arthropods such as insects, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and others. Some of the larger scorpions are known to eat small lizards, snakes, and even rodents. Scorpions are opportunistic predators of small arthropods and insects, and can consume huge amounts […]