Where Do Millipedes Live and Where Do Millipedes Come From?

Most Millipedes live in the tropics, usually in damp places: in the soil or rotting wood; in clumps of moss; under rocks, logs, or fallen leaves; or in other protected sites. Many different kinds of millipedes occur in America north of Mexico. As with the centipedes, most millipedes live in the tropics, but about 100 […]

How Do Spiders Fly Without Wings and What Does Ballooning Mean?

Spiders don’t really fly; they “balloon” through the air on a long, fine strand of silk. Young, newly hatched spiders, surrounded by scores or even hundreds of their brothers and sisters that hatched from the same egg mass, must disperse in order to avoid overcrowding. Spiders of some species disperse by ballooning. A spider that […]

Why Do Some Mites Occupy Both Ears of a Moth?

Some mites occupy both of a moth’s ears because they live only in the outer part of the ear and do not deafen it by destroying its sensory structures. Sometimes these mites occupy only one of the moth’s ears, often because only one mite boarded the moth.

How Do Spiders Copulate, Reproduce, and Have Babies?

Spiders copulate or reproduce in a very unusual way. They have evolved the nicety of internal fertilization, but since the males don’t have a penis, they use their pedipalps, the arm-like “feelers” adjacent to the mouth, to place their sperm into the body of the female. The tip of the pedipalp, which works like a […]

How Do Chiggers Affect People and Do Chiggers Suck Human Blood?

Chiggers can cause a rash known as chigger dermatitis; the skin, especially of the legs and waist, is speckled with rather large, raised, red spots that itch ferociously and are caused by the feeding activity of those tiny mites. Chiggers do not suck blood and, contrary to popular belief, they do not burrow in the […]

Where Do Scorpions Live and Where In North America Do Scorpions Exist?

Scorpions are found in warm climates, often in arid areas. In the United States scorpions are found in the southwestern and the southeastern states. In the east, one species gets as far north as the southern tip of Illinois. Scorpions are found widely distributed over all continents, except Antarctica, in a variety of terrestrial habitats […]

Do Mites Live In the Nests of Birds?

The nests of most species of birds are occupied by mites. Some of these mites are a benign presence, scavengers that eat only organic debris in the nest, but others are parasites that suck blood from the occupants of the nest. The nest of a starling may harbor as many as 80,000 tiny, blood-sucking mites.