Which North American Spiders Are Most Likely To Bite People and Why?

Normally the black widow and the brown recluse commonly bite people. The black widow occurs in southern Canada and every state of the continental United States except Alaska. The brown recluse occurs in the central region of the United States from Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa south to the Gulf states, and also in Arizona and […]

How Can Scorpions Be Recognized and Distinguished From Other Arachnids?

Scorpions are very different in appearance from other arachnids and are easy to recognize. They vary in size and color, but all species are otherwise pretty much alike. The segmented body bears four pairs of legs and a pair of large crab-like pincers. The long and thin segmented tail (abdomen) has a bulbous, thorn like […]

What Is a Millipede and What Does the Name Millipede Mean In Greek?

Millipedes belong to the class Diplopoda, a name that means double legs, from the Greek diplo, double, and poda, a foot. Like centipedes, they have long, slender bodies that consist of a head with chewing mouthparts and one pair of antennae, which are much shorter than those of centipedes, and a trunk that consists of […]

What Is Arachnophobia and How Common Is the Fear of Spiders In Humans?

Arachnophobia is a morbid and abnormal fear of spiders. Among the animal phobias, it is second in frequency of occurrence only to the fear of snakes. An evolutionary reason for phobias, such as arachnophobia, and a fear of animals remains unresolved. One theory is that the presence of venomous spiders led to the development of […]

How Do Spiders Copulate, Reproduce, and Have Babies?

Spiders copulate or reproduce in a very unusual way. They have evolved the nicety of internal fertilization, but since the males don’t have a penis, they use their pedipalps, the arm-like “feelers” adjacent to the mouth, to place their sperm into the body of the female. The tip of the pedipalp, which works like a […]

Where Do Scorpions Live and Where In North America Do Scorpions Exist?

Scorpions are found in warm climates, often in arid areas. In the United States scorpions are found in the southwestern and the southeastern states. In the east, one species gets as far north as the southern tip of Illinois. Scorpions are found widely distributed over all continents, except Antarctica, in a variety of terrestrial habitats […]