How Do Scorpions Mate and Reproduce?

The male scorpion, smaller than the female, grasps his mate’s pincers with his pincers and leads her in a mating dance, the promenade a deux, that may last as much as an hour.

The promenading couple eventually comes to a suitable hard surface where fertilization can take place.

Scorpions, unlike spiders and almost all insects, practice indirect internal fertilization.

That is, although the sperm ends up in the body of the female, the male does not insert them with a penis or some other appendage.

When the couple finally finds a suitable place, the male deposits a compact packet of sperm on the ground and, still holding her by the pincers, helps the female to position herself so that her genital opening is directly over the packet of sperm.

She then takes the sperm up into her body.

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